1.  How much does it cost to test for radon?  

-  It can cost anywhere from $15 to $50 to conduct a test yourself, and it can cost between $100 to $500 to have your home tested professionally.  I currently charge $100 for a single residential radon test.  

2.  What do I do if my house tested high for Radon?

-  Health Canada recommends that if your house tested over 200 bq/m3 and under 600 bq/m3, you should have the problem mitigated within two years.  If your house tested over 600 bq/m3, they recommend mitigating within one year.  

3.  How much does it cost to fix my radon problem?

-  Most professionals including myself provide estimates for fixing radon problems.  These estimates depend on many factors including basement or crawlspace type, layout, accessibility, radon levels, sub-slab composition, water problems etc.  They can often range from several hundred dollars to two or three thousand dollars for the most complicated jobs.  Generally radon problems in basic basements can be fixed for under a thousand dollars.  

4.  Can I fix my radon problems myself?  

-  If you consider yourself handy, and want to save money by performing the necessary work yourself, we will provide consulting and system design services at a reasonable cost, though we recommend that we do the work ourselves due to our level of experience and training. 

5.  Is Radon really worth worrying about?

-  Yes!  Radon is thought to be the second leading cause of Lung Cancer in Canada.  In the Kootenay-Boundary area it is estimated that approximately 29% of homes are over the Health Canada guideline of 200 bq/m3 and approximately 7.3% of homes are over 600 bq/m3.  At this level the risk of developing lung cancer due to radon exposure begins to outweigh the risk of all other accidental deaths combined!  We are careful to wear seatbelts, wear life jackets,  install smoke alarms etc; We should definitely be testing our homes for radon!